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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. we’ve got answers.

Find out how to work with your perfect model and secure professional photography and videography at a fraction of the typical price.


If you have anymore questions message us on live chat or email us on

What is Content Farm?

We are a service created by Inspiring Action Media to make Lifestyle Content more accessible and simple for growing businesses. To use our service simply:

1) Fill out our super easy form

2) Ship your merchandise to the given address.

3) Sit back and relax we do the rest and provide game changing content.

I need a quote - how does pricing work?

We have an a la carte pricing model you only pay for what you book depending on the answers of our simple form. We provide the location options, the models you just have to post your products. 

Photography Pricing: 5 for photos £89,  15 photos £138, 25 photos £195.

Videography pricing: Behind the scenes clips - £40,  Video highlights £235, editing £69

What if my post did not arrive to you on time?

We have a limited capacity on shoot days so if you miss a deadline you essentially took someone else spot. Therefore if you miss it then there will be no refunds unless you can prove you posted the merchandise at least a week before the deadline for national deliveries and two weeks for international.

Is editing included in the price?

We will give you a range of content to select from and then after that we will give you edited and unedited versions of your favourite content. For videography editing comes at an added cost.

Do I need to attend the shoot 

No you don't need to attend your shoot we will fulfil the order for you.

What about if there is bad weather or other issues on the shoot day.

If a model cannot for any reason attend a shoot we will use an alternative model to fulfil your order. If there is bad weather or any reason why we cannot use one of our planned locations - we will use an alternative location.

If the shoot cannot go ahead we will try and reschedule within one month - after that month if we could not reschedule then we will offer you credit towards another shoot day or a refund.


The quality of Content is at the discretion of Content Farm - You can see some of our work via our portfolio page. We will only consider refunds if we missed your order or we feel we did not reach our typical high standards.

Is editing included in the price?

Yes. We will give you edited and unedited versions of your photos. For videography editing comes at an added cost and we will also send you the raw clips.

Content Farm

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